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About BDPS

Bangladesh Pharmacological Society (BDPS) is organization of the qualified Pharmacologist holding an academic position in different medical institute situated in Bangladesh. It was established in 2006. The society now have more than 300 members divided in Regular, Life, Honorary and Associate members.

The society is managed by General council, National Council, Executive council and Council committees. Regular and Life members of the society constitute the General council. Elected representatives from all recognized medical institutions constitute the National council. The General council elects the ten members and National council elects five members of Executive council. Elected fifteen member Executive council along with National council elect one Chairperson, one Secretary General and one Treasurer. Chairpersons of Scientific Program Committee, Publications Committee, Finance Committee and Welfare & Public Relation Committee as well as Editor of the Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology is also elected in the same session. The term of Executive Council is two years.

BDPS was constituted with objectives to:

  • Provide a forum for the pharmacologists to meet and discuss areas of common interests and concerns in order to uphold the honor and interests of the discipline and of the profession.
  • Promote better understanding of pharmacological knowledge and its application for effective and safer drug therapy through enquiries and research.
  • Strengthen the efforts that will promote research, exchange of scientific information, considerations of regulatory mechanisms that affect drug development and utilization and medical education.
  • Promote the concept and practice of Rational use of Medicines and develop appropriate Treatment Guidelines, Bangladesh National Formulary and drug information bulletins to strengthen the Rational use of Medicines.
  • Develop and promote public awareness program for dealing with misuse and abuse of drugs.
  • Provide a setting through organizing state-of-the-art Lectures and Symposia for the presentation of the new scientific reviews of recent advances, and through holding of regular scientific meetings that will provide the members of the society as well as the non-members the opportunity to present the findings of their research and studies.
  • Sponsor Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs for its members that will earn them the CME credit.
  • Arrange for regular publication of the Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology, Proceedings of the Symposia, Medicine Information Bulletins and similar updates and reviews.
  • Ensure that BDPS is represented on the key national drug regulatory, advisory and safety committees; and on the appropriate committees for health care and health manpower development, health care policy regulatory bodies of the Bangladesh Medical Research Council, of Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council and of Bangladesh Academy of Science.
  • Voice the collective views and policies of the society and of the profession on issues relating to health, medicines and education in continual contact with policy making bodies, Government departments and through media.
  • Look into the welfare of the members of the Society.
  • Promote the links and improve fellowship with the other sister Societies or Associations of different disciplines both within the country and outside through collaborative activities and hoisting of joint meetings.